October 24th, 2019, at Galerie Hors-Champs.

photos© Franck Robin

It was a beautiful vernissage: 350 people blocked the “rue des Gravilliers” one evening.

All these friends from the ’80s reappeared and warmed my heart.

Thanks to Bernard Pegeon and Hannibal Volkoff the directors of the gallery, Isa-Carol Horiot the curator, Alisa Phommahaxay for PR, Matthieu Conquet for France Inter, Pascal Bertin for ID, Jacques Denis for Fisheye, Pauline Allione for Cheese-Konbini, Lucas Javelle for Le Bonbon, Jean-Jacques Naudet for l’Œil de la photographie, Jean-Louis Poitevin for TK-21, Marie Claire Italie, Julien Deborgher for Because Music.

Marie-Laure, Anaëlle, Cécile, for their unfailing support.

The performance video is on Instagram